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Welcome and be prepared to learn all you needed to know about how to train your dog or puppy! We have plenty of free video’s, top tips and tricks on having the best friend you could ever want as well as ebooks showing you step by step how to avoid the most prevalent dog and puppy problems most people encounter. So feel free to explore and have fun! Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for any question or specific problems you may have with your pet. And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get plenty of free video’s and best practices for your dog or puppy as well as a free ebook, just for signing up. Enjoy!

A Review of the Online Dog Trainer

If you haven’t heard of Doggy Dan and his on-line Dog Trainer video training series, this will be a quick review of it for you. It is the fastest growing dog (and puppy) training programs available and features world renowned dog trainer Doggy Dan. To take a quick peak before reading further you can visit the site here.


The Online Dog Trainer program is the only dog training program to get the stamp of approval from the international organization SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You can see that on their site at Royal New Zealand SPCA. At all their rescue shelters they actively promote this program because they know that somebody that adopts a dog or puppy and follows Doggy Dan’s training are much less likely to return or abandon the dog.

Every Topic Covered with over 200 videos

Now before we get into the meat of it, let me briefly explain what you’ll find here. At present, there are over 200 videos covering everything from becoming the pack leader to your dog to training a puppy, from allowing you to take a bone away from your dog without him growling at you to calming him down in your car. In other words, you’ll find everything’s covered to show you how to have the best pet you could possibly imagine. But we’re not just talking volume, you won’t find better quality of training content anywhere else.

Videos of Real, Live Training Lessons

A unique aspect of these videos is that you’ll be watching Doggy Dan during actual client training sessions. No staged mock ups of already trained dogs or puppies. When it comes to handling troubled dogs, you’ll get to see him working with them and delivering results. Some of the videos will be of Doggy Dan talking you through the theory of best practices of training your dog but most will be the real deal, a very talented dog trainer and dog behaviorist in action with seriously difficult and problem dogs.  

High Quality Video

Doggy Dan’s knowledge and amazing skill at training will help you understand not only the practical approach but the deeper concepts of why your dog reacts the way he does. He explains things in a way that will help you connect with your dog. You’ll begin to see things from your pets perspective and that’s why his approach works. He works WITH the dogs, not against them.

Gentle Methods and Systems

As you’d expect with an endorsement from the SPCA, his training methods do not rely on aggression or fear. You’ll get to witness the dogs respond very quickly and sometimes immediately. You’ll see how his body language and voice are important in the dog’s obedience. If you’re wanting a powerful but simple approach to building a better relationship with your puppy or dog, or just looking to stop some unwanted behaviors, then his program gives you just that.


Visit DoggyDan’s site here


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