Dog Obedience Tips Part 1 of 5 covering how to train your dog in basic obedience

16 thoughts on “Dog Obedience Tips”

  1. I have my pitbull learn this when he was two months old.. now he is three
    months he knows how to sit, lay down, jump, heel, play dead, and fetch.. im
    still thinking of other things to teach my dog.

  2. @mikemyk Hi. I just watched this video. I know your comment is old an
    stuff, but could you please tell me if these exercises help? Thank you in

  3. I really need help I have a pure breed Australian kelpie but we pulls way 2
    much on the lead. When i did that last exercise the turned around and ran
    to the end of the lead again. please help me

  4. my dog reasons, i am pretty sure you are wrong in that aspect at least. i
    never taught my pup to share anything, as a matter of fact he thinks he is
    the alpha of the household. one day a lab puppy that looked very starved
    wandered into my yard… it layed down next to my pup after he barked at
    her for like 10 mins, buck (my first pup) went to his bowl, got a mouth
    full of food, went back to lizzy (we adopted her soon after) and left the
    whole mouthful for liz to eat, then liz shared the bowl.

  5. I disagree with yelling at the dog. Since some breeds are more difficult to
    train, you need to show him who is the boss and being fakely angry at the
    dog if the dog really does something wrong he will sence you being fake.

  6. Where are the next 4 videos? My dog is afraid of the leash. Once she gets
    on it, she hangs her head down and follows nicely, but looks for every
    opportunity to run away. She follows me off leash just fine though. She is
    a rescue and I’ve only had her a few months.

  7. Yeah, certain breeds, such as Spaniels, will develop behavioral problems
    when shouted at. A different tone of voice does well.

  8. I have a jack Russell mutt that is over hyper, bites everything including
    people. And destroys everything. He doesn’t listen. I’ve tried to give him
    excursive. It’s been 7 months since we’ve had him and he has horrible
    habits. I try to be gentle. Please give tips and help. I do not want to
    lose my beloved dog.

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