Dog Potty Training

LifeStages ACE Double Door crate:

Here is the one for the LifeStages Exercise Pen with Split MAXLock Door:

Playlist: How to teach the basics-

25 thoughts on “Dog Potty Training”

  1. i really want a dog, but i think since i’ll be gone for 9hrs max, i work
    swing shift which rule out any day care options around here, home is too
    far away from my job to come back to for lunch, AND i don’t have anyone i
    can depend on, it won’t be fair to the dog. And i wouldn’t want my dog to
    hold his pee, risking urinary or bladder infections just because he’s
    waiting for me to come home ­čÖü UNLESS there’s an alternative?? :)´╗┐

  2. I did the exact thing and he was potty trained in a week or two, However he
    did not bark like me first two dogs. And would not jingle bells so we had
    accidents by the door as his bladder got bigger and he was allowed more
    access with us. He would sit there and not make a sound. So I got him a
    doorbell and trained him to use that. Accidents all gone. Also I did not
    play when out potty or play IN the potty area when out with him. So he knew
    what we were out for when heading there..If he did not go in four or five
    minutes I returned him to the crate for about fifteen twenty minutes to try
    again. Once he went he was allowed out in one room supervised on a lead.
    With a timer set for an hour. There was always around so the longest he was
    crated was four or five hours.´╗┐

  3. Could you please show a video of working with a truly aggressive dog.
    Everyone says that positive reinforcement can’t fix major aggression. It
    would be nice to have something to show them as proof it can work. ´╗┐

  4. Took less than a week for my coonhound. Buddy was mostly housetrained when
    I adopted him, it was complete in only a couple of days. ´╗┐

  5. Scheduling also helps in potty training. Doing the same things at the same
    time every day leads to more consistancy. One question, Zak. Whose puppy
    is Luna?´╗┐

  6. my schnauzer was such a lady. we left her in the kitchen at nights and she
    learned within a week or two to pee in the back of the house on some news
    paper. the hard part was taking this to the grass. ´╗┐

  7. Nice video. Lot’s of information for a 13min segment. Many trainers
    recommend that when you are out with the dog on the potty spot you are
    somehow aloof and do not interact a lot with the dog until she does her
    business. At the same time, physical exercise stimulates the puppy to go
    faster. I was wondering what your approach would be.´╗┐

  8. Awesome video, as usual! Have you ever considered a video on barking at
    the doorbell or a knock on the door? Would LOVE that..´╗┐

  9. How about wanting the doggy to go on a puppy pad rather than outdoors? My
    shih tzus associate leash with going for a walk so I’d be getting them
    excited for the wrong reason >< Also, is the usage of a cage necessary in this training process? ´╗┐

  10. I’ve found with the puppies I have owned, if they came from a kennel or
    home that had excess to a yard with grass, they where easier to potty
    train. Great advice!!!!´╗┐

  11. Sammy Bear is 8 and Princess is 3. They still ninja shadow poop in the
    house. But I know I was following the wrong advice. I’ll show my husband
    this video today and we can start re-trying to potty train them. I have to
    add, that for the most part, they are great about potty time. They are
    crate trained, but not big fans of it. When I am not paying 100%
    attention…poof….ninja poop! Funny story. When we first got princess
    and were potty training her, she knew that when she pooped she got a
    treat. And she was super excited about it. One day, she went to a corner,
    did her little science experiment dance and came over all happy and excited
    looking for her treat. Only problem was that it was in the house. I think
    we did a bad thing by laughing at it that one time. She has not done
    that in a long time, but it was a funny story.´╗┐

  12. To help with potty training feed your dog then 10-20 minutes later take him
    for a walk and he’ll most probably poop outside, once he does this reward
    him with praise and a treat. another thing you can do is when your dog
    looks like he is going to go to the bathroom quickly take him outside once
    he uses the bathroom reward him. Hope it helps´╗┐

  13. My son lives in an apartment and he picked up a french bulldog for me. He
    will deliver him to me in two weeks my son lives 2 hours away. Can he take
    a nine week old puppy outside to the toilet? He says puppy pads are better
    in his bathroom because the french bulldog is only 9 weeks old. Yes the
    puppy has 2 set of shots so far. Can He take the puppy outside?´╗┐

  14. I have a Boston terrier and I house trained him in two days. I use the
    crate method I took him out every hour and rewarded him when he went
    outside. Once he started to pee inside I yelled stop and put him outside
    and let him pee. and praised him.He was house trained in two days. He has
    total freedom and no accidents he 4 years old now.´╗┐

  15. To Blaze Gold. If your Boston Terrier is still having accidents. First if
    you can’t keep you eye on the dog then put him in his crate. When you are
    available watch the dog and when he squats sniffs or goes in circles put
    him outside and praise him with a treat. The key is don’t give the dog
    freedom till you have time to watch the dog.´╗┐

  16. What about the puppy’s first few nights at your house? Should you still
    keep it in the crate overnight if he’s not comfortable with it or should
    you let it have accidents for the first few nights?´╗┐

  17. I was lucky that I had an “already trained dog” to show the puppy where to
    go – it really helped´╗┐

  18. Great video. I failed miserably at Foster’s crate training, so we now use
    the bathroom when I’m gone. Also, I really like the wire crates and will
    investigate that. Brandy came to me fully trained.´╗┐

  19. What a perfect video. I loved your approach. I am preparing for a toy
    poodle puppy and I bought her toys and treats and a crate. I made a mistake
    though and I bought her a 30 inch crate without a separation because I saw
    people putting pee trays in the crate. I will be with her at home for the
    1st year actually but next year I will start my phd and I thought if I am
    not at home for 7-8 hours she might need to go. What do you suggest? Should
    I block the part of the crate and place the pee tray somewhere else? If I
    do this and leave her in her crate next year what would she do if she wants
    to go from 9 to 5 when I am not at home?´╗┐

  20. Wow, I just watched two of your videos and now I cannot stop watching…
    Thanks for the training tips, because I am having a hard time training my 5
    months old puppy just to sit or shake hands, and by watching your videos,
    I’ve gained several new concepts in dog training. Love your vids! and I
    suggest you to improve your videos layout.. They are good, but they can be
    made better. Good layout sometimes led you to more audiences. Thanks!´╗┐

  21. Omgsh. I feel so discouraged. This dog we have was a stray. She will rub
    her noes raw in the cage. She will chew my house up and our clothes.
    Ugggggrgegejejj dnsjkdj dnc´╗┐

  22. Any tips on training a 15 year old to not mark? He never has”accidents” but
    marks any new piece of territory, and because of this he is not allowed to
    come in the house other then a section in the kitchen. He was neutered late
    and was a stray for the first 5 years of his life. We have tried everything
    (even those guards) and it hasn’t worked. If we can train him to stop this
    and my female to not run out, they can be regular “house dogs”. I really
    would love this, so any additional help is appreciated, but this defiantly
    put me on track. :)´╗┐

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