Puppy Training

For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | Get tips on a good bedtime routine, clicker-training, house-breaking and more!

25 thoughts on “Puppy Training”

  1. yes I am all for uniqueness but I did not understand the mambo jumbo about
    leash training and all the other complicated sounding words like
    socialization and the stuff about temperature. Heck I love when it is nice
    cozy and warm inside and I can sleep the whole day and I am not ok with all
    of the tough temperature talk! Let me know if you like my opinion!

  2. My friends had a dog, whenever he got scared he’d piss himself… So they
    got rid of the dog because he was one of crack under pressure dog…yeah

  3. If he pees in the house clean it up and dont give any attention to it. he
    will pee inside for 2-3 more times and you should do the same thing. If he
    continues hit him with a newspaper on it’s ass 2-3 times. its over. my dog
    never peed inside. he always goes to the door to indicate he wants to pee
    from that day

  4. Just got a new puppy a GSD and Husky mix, it’s been a few years since I’ve
    had a dog and forgot that anything they eat or drink has about 15 minutes
    before it comes out. removing food or water is priority during the evening.

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  6. My family is thinking about get a puppy/dog. There are 4/5 people that live
    in my house. What type of dog would you recommend for us?

  7. To be all honest…making sure your the boss does really work, I house
    trained my dogs with strong discipline and it worked, I don’t abuse them
    but they get the point. 

  8. What one family does to potty train their puppies is to keep them in the
    bathroom for the first two weeks with the pee pads so after that week, the
    puppy associates that bathroom with their toilet area. It works great but
    I’m not sure if it helps them bond as strongly.

  9. Pointing your dogs face into where they had an accident worked really well
    when I was a kid. Even when they chewed stuff too. We NEVER hit them
    though. How else are you supposed to stop them from doing it? If you dont
    correct them how will they learn?

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